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Top "Thugs" In the NBA -- Hibbert On His Way?

After Hibbert's thug-like rant after game 6 where he cussed out the media and offended the entire gay community on national television, I got to thinking about some of my favorite NBA players that are stereotyped as thugs or "goons," as they say on the streets...homie.

Let the countdown begin.

5. J.R. Smith -- Truth be told, he's not THAT big of a thug. Besides getting all those thugish tats all over his body and having that one incident at the nightclub what has he really done that's that bad? Oh, yeah, he KILLED a guy. Although it may have been an accident while he was driving recklessly, the fact that he is a murderer still remains true. That alone gets him a spot in my top five.

4. Birdman -- He may not have the criminal record that most of the guys on this list have, but he does have that tats. Yes, it matters. He comes off as the biggest goon in the league just by his tats. If it wasn't for his tattoos, no one would even know who he is. Plus, he is completely unpredictable and suspect. Hence him pounding poor Hansbrough in game 5. Hansbrough, really? The nicest guy on the floor and you're going to pick on him like a bully on the playground? Yeah, you're a thug.

3. Delonte West -- Probably the most raw and natural thug on this list. Straight goon, people. West once got pulled over on his motorcycle, key word being "motorcycle," and the cop found two handguns, a Bowie knife and a shotgun with 116 shells. Only a real goon can find a way to fit all of that on his MOTORCYCLE. If other players would just learn from West on how to conceal their weapons, there would be a lot less suspensions. Oh, and I can't help but bring this up. Remember when Delonte and LeBron were teammates and there was a rumor that LeBron's mother had sexual relations with Delonte? I don't care if it's real or not, just the mere fact that the rumor came about gives Delonte even more thug-cred.

2. Allen Iverson -- Practice? Thugs don't practice. Thugs dress and talk like thugs and they beat people with chairs in bowling alleys. That's right. Iverson once received a 15 year sentence that was later cut to four months for pulling his best WWE impression and whooping someone with a chair in a friendly bowling alley. Along with that, he also got nailed with two gun charges. His baggy clothes, thug-like rhetoric, shiny jewelry and his crossover that could only be learned on the streets definitely puts Iverson near the top of this list.

1. Ron Artest -- No, not Metta Worldpeace. I'm talking about Ron Artest, two completely different people. This guy is the heart and soul and the captain of the NBA All-Thug Team. He was the man behind the Palace Brawl in which he went into the stands and beat down a few fans and then dropped some dumb Pistons fan out on the court. That little stint got him a 73 game suspension. But his thug resume doesn't stop there. In years prior to the fight, Artest found himself in trouble after demolishing a $100,000 TV and grabbing the mother of his child by the throat. King Goon.

Hibbert may not be anywhere near these thoroughbreds, but his actions after game six definitely resemble something that these five guys would have done.

Word up, bruh.